About Crew 426

Welcome to Crew 426. We meet year round at Trinity Episcopal Church, 708 South Bethlehem Pike, Ambler, PA, every other Tuesday from 7:00 to 9:00. 

Our focus is on High Adventure outdoor activities which provides team-building opportunities, new meaningful experiences and life-long memories. To explore and understand the natural world which God provided and respect all living creatures.

By challenging the youth and taking them out of their comfort zone it helps to builds self confidence and by sneaking in character building and leadership development we are helping them to become responsible young adults. 

What is Venturing is Anyway?

Venturing is:  The Coed division of the Boy Scouts of America - Geared towards High Adventure & Fun with Friends. 

Venturing BSA

Crew 426 - inspiring youth from of Montgomery County and Philadelphia: Flourtown, Fort Washington, Oreland, Ambler, Glenside, Whitemarsh, Wyndmoor, Maple Glen, Blue Bell, Lower Gwynedd, Springhouse, North Wales, Chestnut Hill, Roxborough and surrounding areas.


Young adults involved in Venturing will:

  • Learn to make ethical choices over their lifetimes by instilling the values in the Scout Oath and Law.
  • Experience a program that is fun and full of challenge and adventure.
  • Acquire skills in the areas of high adventure, sports, arts and religion.
  • Experience positive leadership from adult and youth leaders. Have opportunities to take on leadership roles.
  • Have a chance to learn and grow in a supportive, caring, and fun environment.


The aims of the Boy Scouts of America are to build character, develop citizenship, and foster personal fitness. The Venturing methods listed below have been carefully designed to achieve the aims of the Boy Scouts of America and meet the needs of young adults.

  • Leadership. All Venturers are given opportunities to learn and apply proven leadership skills. A Venturing crew is led by elected crew officers. The Venturing Leadership Skills Course is designed for all Venturers and helps teach them in an active way to lead effectively.
  • Group Activities. Venturing activities are interdependent group experiences in which success is dependent on the cooperation of all. Learning by "doing" in a group setting provides opportunities for developing new skills.
  • Adult AssociationThe youth officers lead the crew. The officers and activity chairs work closely with adult Advisors and other adult leaders in a spirit of partnership. The adults serve in a "shadow" leader capacity.
  • Recognition. Recognition comes through the Venturing advancement program and through the acknowledgement of a youth's competence and ability by peers and adults.
  • The Ideals. Venturers are expected to know and live by the Venturing Oath and Code. They promise to be faithful in religious duties, treasure their American heritage, help others, and seek truth and fairness.
  • High Adventure. Venturing's emphasis on high adventure helps provide team-building opportunities, new meaningful experiences, practical leadership application, and lifelong memories to young adults.
  • Teaching Others. All of the Venturing awards require Venturers to teach what they have learned to others. When they teach others often, Venturers are better able to retain the skill or knowledge taught, they gain confidence in their ability to speak and relate to others, and they acquire skills that can benefit them for the rest of their lives as a hobby or occupation.

Ethics in Action

An important goal of Venturing is to help young adults be responsible and caring persons, both now and in the future. Venturing uses "ethical controversies" to help young adults develop the ability to make responsible choices that reflect their concern for what is a risk and how it will affect others involved. Because an ethical controversy is a problem-solving situation, leaders expect young adults to employ empathy, invention, and selection when they think through their position and work toward a solution. 

The Venturing Oath:

    •  As a Venturer, I promise to do my duty to God and help strengthen America , to help others, and to seek truth, fairness, and adventure in our world.

The Venturing Code:
  • As a Venturer, I believe that America’s strength lies in our trust in  God and in the courage, strength, and traditions of our people.
  • I will, therefore, be faithful in my religious duties and will maintain   a personal sense of honor in my own life.
  • I will treasure my American heritage and will do all I can to  preserve and enrich it.
  • I will recognize the dignity and worth of all humanity and will use  fair play and goodwill in my daily life.
  • I will acquire the Venturing attitude that seeks the truth in all  things and adventure on the frontiers of our changing world.